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Selection CMS to Create New Website

December 10, 2012

If you interested in making a new content based website you have to take several decisions. First and the foremost we have to decide whether our new website in future will extent with number of web pages means its scalability issue. To choose appropriate CMS we have to know all these small but important issues.

Are you starting a new website? If you are, then you have several decisions you need to make. First, you have to decide whether your new site is going to be a large site with hundreds of pages of content, or is it going to be a site with just a few pages. This entire one must know before to decide on the appropriate CMS to use.

My personal choice or you can say my favorite CMS package is WordPress.

WordPress is simple step-by-step approach for creating website. If anybody is running his Blog then it is a must have software that he should install, it has evolved into a much more multipurpose software application to create and install a new and running website as well. It even comes with an easy to use WYSIWYG text editor. You have several options from which you can choose free useful Plug-ins. These are developed by third party developers and most of them are free as well. Plug-ins like Flickr Tag, Pretty Links, SEO all in One, and Akismet are my favorite ones.

How to use WordPress step-by-step:

Firstly you have to make a plan based upon the data and information you have and understanding its hosting requirement, versions of PHP & MySQL and important thing to check the compatibility of Host with new version of WordPress.

Secondly you have to install the WordPress as per the instruction and make the changes to its configuration file name wp-config.php.

After this phase you need to just setup the WordPress to create your website. It’s all like a magic to me with few clicks only and ready made website is in front of you. Let’s take a closer look in WordPress setup phase what happens here we first have to create user account means its authentication and authorization to files and folder of our website. After then WordPress provides several themes for you website from which you can choose the appropriate one. Then you can create pages for your website like about us, contact us, products information page and many more as per your requirement. You have almost full control over your website presentation and theme that you will choose. Moreover you can also create your new Word press themes with changes required as per you website project requirement.

To conclude it’s customizable system for developing websites with easy to use admin panel. This is a additional benefit for me because I just extreme dislike complex admin panels. For those never want to create a Blog they will use its benefits by creating their own few static pages. No problem, as per the above mentioned steps you can easily customize WordPress to make your CMS website.
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