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Joomla For Car Dealers – Using Joomla to Build Car Dealer Websites

November 18, 2012

Joomla is a free, open source content management system that is the most popular software program of its kind available on the internet today. Open source means that any third party can write an extension to the core components of the software which will then expand the software’s capabilities. Because of this, the possibilities and capabilities of the initial Joomla core software are absolutely endless.

This software program is easy to use. You don’t have to be extremely knowledgeable in computers, programming, etc or you don’t have to be an IT expert to operate this software program. It is built to be used by computer illiterate people as well. It is pretty self explanatory and as long as you follow the steps, you will be able to do pretty much anything with this software program.

Joomla is the perfect software to build a Car Dealer website. The options for use on the site are limitless. You can upload as many pictures as you want. On the back end of the website, you will be able to manage every aspect of the website with ease. Joomla has already been used for projects such as this and proves to be the best choice.

This software program is absolutely free for you to download. The newest version, Joomla 1.5, would probably be your best bet. Even though the version1.0 is still available, the long term use can be limited since designers are beginning to focus more on v. 1.5. This all means that they are not designing as many extensions for v. 1.0 as they are the 1.5 version. You will be able to use version 1.5 for a longer period of time before you will have to completely upgrade your entire website.

There are thousands of available extensions for the software on the web. Most of these you can acquire for free. Some you may have to purchase. Basically, this all means, that you can customize your website to best suit your needs and to make it unique, compared to others. Even though you may use templates and pre-existing extensions that have been downloaded and installed on thousands of websites across the internet, you can still develop a truly unique website.

The template that you decide to use will help to define the layout and style of your website. So, what kind of “feel” are you going for? Nine chances out of 10, the “feel” you are looking for has already been developed and is available somewhere on the web. You can choose between Flash templates and plain Jane templates. The choice is yours. When trying to locate your template, search for Realtor templates, as there is a wide variety of these templates that are already available and will represent your business in the best possible way. Don’t forget that you can customize a template that has been downloaded 500 times already by adding modules, plugins, components and more.

Have fun developing your website using the Joomla open source software. In the end, you’ll be glad that you decided to use Joomla and not the others.
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Open Source Customization Overview

March 3, 2011

What is Open source Customization?

Open source customization is a process of customizing open source content management system (CMS) or scripts like wordpress, joomla, oscommerce, mambo, phpbb and many more, in order to achieve desired functionality and look. Open source customization of this hugely popular CMS requires good knowledge of PHP, CSS, and HTML.

What can you do with the open source CMS like wordpress and joomla?
WordPress is most used blogging software in the world. Its’ seamless user interface makes content write-up, publishing and organizing very easy and enjoyable. WordPress can be used to make a full flange website with almost all the functionalities like ecommerce, forum and Job-portal. Website made with word press are search engine friendly and easy to share with other websites and users. WordPress is widely used for personal and community websites.

Joomla is award wining open source web based software that delivers website without touching a single line of html, css or php. Joomla admin interface is not as easy as wordpress but it gives more control over look and how your content can be viewed on different parts of your website. It has vast library of component, just like wordpress plug-in library. Through this library one can easily make website with almost all functionalities. Joomla is widely used for company and corporate websites.

Why you need customization of wordpress, customization of joomla and other CMS?
To achieve look and feel of the website as in the design files like photoshop .psd
To gain desired functionalities like contact form, navigation system, image slideshow
To retain all browser compatibility for your website, so no matter what browser user is using to view your website the look and feel remains consistent.
To enable website with search engine friendly features and techniques, that improves CMS website ranking in Google, yahoo and MSN.
To make sure that website displays content uninterrupted in all screen sizes.

How to customize joomla and wordpress?
Once you have joomla and wordpress installed in your hosting account, all you need to look for is design part and functionality part.
Design part is essentially look and feel of the website. Most of the CMS has their design files working separately then that of the programming. To customize wordpress theme you should look out for the theme folder and the style sheet in it. In case of joomla customization you have to search the template files which print the content in the screen with desired font colors, heading, list style and so on.

Functionality is something that prints the content in your site without any look and feel features. All the cms can be grouped in to dynamic websites as all the content are stored in database and then the CMS files written in php queries this MySql database and delivers the content to the real world. The Content that has been delivered to the screen can then appear into the page with the help of design part.

Let’s summarize the process step by step:
(1) Download the CMS
(2) Install it into the webhost’s server
(3) Check the basic version of the CMS without any customization in your domain
(4) Start customizing design part by modifying template/theme files.
(5)To achieve desired functionality in addition to what has been given by the default CMS, you have to make word press widget/joomla module/wordpress plugin/joomla component.
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Content Management Software Solutions

June 29, 2010

Content Management Software (CMS) provides community building through blogging, personalization, forums and message boards. It helps build customer loyalty with subscriptions and RSS feeds. It allows you to easily manage lots of content from multiple authors.

How do you decide what CMS software to use for the management of your web site content?

What CMS authoring tools should you use?

Let’s discuss a few different content management solutions:

Open Source

This is probably the most popular because it’s free to acquire, has lots of flexibility plus there is a very active Open Source Community for support. You’ll only need to purchase a domain name and a hosting service.


You have less control with a hosted solution because the company selling the software hosts and maintains the CMS. This frees you from administrative responsibilities and reduces the initial cost but will cost you more in the long term.


A commercial CMS designer builds the CMS application then sells it to you. You will be responsible for the maintenance. You have more control but your initial costs will be expensive because it is custom built.


Many CMS sites are built for nonprofit companies sometimes. These types may be hosted or commercial. The features built into them are geared towards the organization.

My recommendation

I strongly recommend Open Source Content Management Software because, it’s free, has hundreds of templates to choose from, contains good documentation and provides lots of support from open source forums.

If you’re not a do-it-yourself type person or prefer a custom built solution hire a web designer. Ask him to show you sample sites where he’s used a content management system to build them. 
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