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DotnetNuke Content Management System

December 17, 2012

Anyone who has tried DotNetNuke content management will agree that it is, by far, the best innovation in terms of website creation. Not only does it enable one to put up a good website, it also offers the administrators and the rest of the web design team a lot of freedom without having to deal with torturous web programming languages. That’s because this type of management system has made the task a lot simpler by offering an interface that is so easy to use. Non-technical users can very well come up with a good web design just by following quick and simple instructions from installation to operation. Indeed, this technology has given businessmen more capabilities in controlling their websites because now, they have a more in-depth understanding of the processes that will be involved as they create their online presence.

It is sometimes unbelievable that an ordinary user could design and create a website without knowing one web programming language. It is, of course, very much possible these days with DotNetNuke making the process so much easier. Aside from that, businessmen are going to benefit from this type of management system because it is both cost and time-efficient even as it allows for more detailed customization. On top of that, this system does not require users any type of license, which means anyone can use it. It is an open-for-all software which can be used both privately and commercially without restrictions.

One of the most outstanding properties of this software is its flexibility through its Delete Portal feature which allows a webmaster to manage multiple websites with just one installation. That means from several portals, it is possible to maintain the different sites through centrally located portals. It is important, however, to restrict these portals to a healthy size, otherwise, it could affect performance. The system also allows restrictions on number of allowed users for each one.

DotNetNuke custom modules also makes it even easier for webmasters to manage the project on per aspect basis from templates to portal options. Developers are also continually adding features to the system, thus allowing for growing functionality.
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