2 Reasons Why You a Need Content Managed Website

Many companies approach us looking for a content management website. It is however our experience that giving them a content managed website just because they asked for it is not always offering them the best solution.

A few of our customers have insisted on a content managed website and they have never changed their content, it is a waste of money, not to mention the time for training that will probably need to be repeated in the future.  

We have clients that have previously bought a cheaper “make your own website”. Looking to improve their website they approach us and automatically believe that content managed websites is the best way forward. When looking at the website most clients actually never used the content managed facility.

So why would they need it on the new website?   We highly recommend having a content manage website if:  

1.)    You need to make frequent changes to your website. ‘Frequent’ is not changing the odd telephone number or adding a new paragraph occasionally. If this is all the changes you need, make sure you find a web design company that offers good prices for editing. It will be more cost effective this way and takes the stress off of you. If however you need to manage the content on your website frequently for example you have new products each month, monthly promotions or events in the future then managing your own website is the right solution for you.  

2.)    If you have different departments or staff with different responsibilities and they all need to make regular contributions to the website. You can then set up various user levels leaving them to get on with the changes and you won’t waste precious time consolidating all the information for your website designer.

There are many other reasons to content manage your website. My point today is don’t have a content managed website unless you know that the content needs to change frequently and you have the staff that are well trained and confident to use the content managed website.

I hope that this information is helpful in making your decision whether content managed website is necessary for your needs.

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