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Buying Hosting For Joomla CMS

August 31, 2012

Open source software can help you save a lot of money. You don’t have to pay a single cent to use the scripts or software. If an open source software is really popular, you get the benefit of having hundreds of committed developers working to improve the software. All that happens at no additional cost to you! Today, even large enterprises are looking at how to leverage on open source software to help run their businesses.

One of the most commonly used open source software is CMS — content management system. A CMS is used to power a website. A website that is powered by a CMS can be updated and maintained easily without additional costs. If you don’t have a CMS, you end up having to hire someone whenever you want to post new content or update the site design. This is extremely cumbersome if you plan on updating your site on a regular basis. In the long run, a CMS can help you save a lot of money.

There are many open source CMS available on the Internet. A popular CMS is Joomla. What is attractive about Joomla is that this CMS is modular based. On the Internet, where things can get a bit confusing or overwhelming, having a modular system helps. The CMS remains relevant as the Internet continues to evolve. If you want to make some changes, simply remove and add new modules. The flexibility of Joomla is winning new fans from all around the world.

Today, many sites are actually powered by Joomla. The CMS is customizable. Webmasters can change the appearance to the point that you can’t even tell if there is a CMS in the backend. Joomla can be used to power small and simple sites, or it can be used to manage huge community sites. For example, if you find that your website is growing, you can easily add a forum to your website.

Furthermore, it’s very easy to install Joomla on a web server. The content is being stored in a MySQL database, and the software is coded in PHP. Don’t let the databases and programming languages put you off. The entire software can be installed on the web server without you having to mess around with the coding.

When signing up for hosting, make sure that you sign up for a plan that’s Joomla-friendly. A Cpanel hosting account with MySQL and PHP support should do fine. Joomla installation can take place from within the control panel. Once you have your account details, login to your account and look for the Fantastico icon.

Fantastico is a great feature that is offered by many modern hosting companies. You can use it to install the latest open source software. To begin installing, simply select Joomla from the options available. Just follow the instructions offered by the installation wizard. Once the installation has been completed, you can start configuring your Joomla website.

If you are unsure, always send a support ticket to ask if Joomla is compatible with the server type that you are signing up for.
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wordpress VS Joomla ,,, is it the same ? whats the difference , who is better and why?

August 20, 2012
hi all ,
i am a new webmaster, and want to create my own website, but i know nothing about programming , so my friends advised me to go with ready build dynamic websites.

some of them that i should search and learn more about joomla ,, others say you must learn how to control wordpress website ,,,

my question is simply whats the difference ,,
can you please explain what the “wordpress” stands for”

tried seaching google but honestly didn’t understand much
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How to Build a Website For Free

August 17, 2012

When it comes to online website maker software, Site Rubix is second to none. You can use this software to make anything from websites for fun, or even pages to make money online. There are tons of different programs online that can help you make your very own website, you can choose from highly technical and expensive products like Adobe’s Dream Weaver or use free on line HTML editors such as Weebly and Squidoo. The only problem with free on line HTML editors, most lack the tools required to make some of the more advanced sites.

Site Rubix has a number of different features that set it apart from its competition. And to top that off, it is extremely easy to use! You can make professional looking websites in no time at all.

There are quite a few features that help make this software easy to use. All of its 16 pre-made templates can be easily dragged and dropped into place. There are also a number of different headers and layout designs that can be used to create incredible sites in a matter of minutes.

Another thing that sets this free website builder apart from the competition is its one click FTP uploading capabilities. This makes uploading your website simple and easy. Even if you don’t have your own hosting space, Wealthy Affiliate has more than 600 megabytes of free web hosting available to all of their members. Site Rubix also has a huge support section that keeps it at its peak potential.

The program also offers a number of different tutorials and guides that are one click away. This makes the learning process simple and easy. There is also a support section on the forums full of people willing to help you with anything you need.

It does not get any easier than this. This is why Site Rubix is great for you. It is simple to use, and extremely powerful at the same time. There is not another website creator out there with these capabilities.This is only one of the free tools that you will find at Wealthy Affiliate.
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iNove Dofollow For WordPress

August 8, 2012

Without going into the in’s and out’s of the nofollow rel tag for comment posting, let’s just say I do not like it. So to this end I modified the iNove theme to take it out. There are two modifications you can make the the iNove theme. One is a fix so your can use a “Dofollow” pluging of your choice, and the other is a quick fix in the iNove theme itself.

To make a modification to be able to use a “Dofollow” plugin see the steps below:

With your code editor of choice find and open” /wp-content/themes/inove/functions.php”

# Look for these lines of code around line 230:

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The Popularity of Content Management Continues to Grow

August 3, 2012

CMS (Content Management Software) has seen a huge increase of popularity in the last few years as the systems themselves have become far more advanced. It used to be that the web designer had totally access to your website which made editing and adding pages a bit of a slow process. However, nowadays people can access and edit their website in real-time with simple back office systems.

Back Office

A back office system lets you access your website and has a user interface, that allows you to edited and create pages for your website online. In the days before back office systems if you wanted to be able to update your website yourself, designers created your website with templates. Within these templates were marked regions that were editable so the website owner could edit these regions without affecting the site design. The site owner then had to install software that allowed them to edit their site remotely then upload it to the server. Adobe contribute is one piece of software that does this.

As you can see this wasn’t the best way to do it so the demand for more effective ways gave rise to the content management systems we have today.

Some of the other benefits that CMS websites have over static ones is that they can be edited anywhere in the World and this is increasing helpful for news reporters. Who can write a news story and within minutes it can be up on the web ready for the world to read. With the ability to add video through back office systems people can now see things as and when they happen. With content management becoming more affordable this helps small businesses make sure their websites are always up to date and always showing their latest products and special offers. These back office systems can even let websites send their newsletters out faster and more often.

I found this link on CMS websites and it has lots of further information on the subject written by a company that has many years experience in this field and has developed an SEO friendly solution.

The Future

In the future it will be all about supply and demand as businesses needs change then developer will have to come up with systems to meet those demands. Also as technology advances we will learn to use these technologies to the best advantage.
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