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Joomla: there are modules, but no parameters ?

March 28, 2012

I can’t install modules because of my host, so I must put the folders into the directories. That way I installed a template, and now I’m trying to use modules. So, after doing that, I can see the modules, but there are no parameters for them so I can’t edit them and it’s driving me nuts! After all the time I spent installing Joomla and searching for a theme this thing can’t stop me! What am I doing wrong? Also, is there a spacing picture, I can get the ‘footer,banner etc’ stuff !
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joomla help with stuff showing?

March 25, 2012

Okay; I made a site with joomla;… and do this for me so you know what i’m talking about: click here:

okay now look between each article, every other one is a white box and the text is white, how do i get that off of there.? Anyone please help me! its been bothering me for 2 days now! thanks in advance.
under whhat?
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5 Informative Measures of Your Website’s Performance

March 25, 2012

If you’re still tracking hits as your indicator of choice for your small business’s website performance, then your website probably isn’t performing.

Gone are the days of the online brochure. A good website is a lead capturing system. The bottom line is that visitors give you their contact details so you can begin a relationship with them, and ultimately help them via your products and services.

How your website captures leads (that is, what your call to action is) might be to sign up to your newsletter, or to purchase a product, or to call you to book a coaching session, or even to participate in your online forum.

Website performance then, is about how well your website attracts your ideal leads, engages them and gets them to answer your call to action. And that’s why hits is not a useful measure.

Here are 5 measures that do a much better job of tracking your website performance:

1. Visitors

This is the number of unique people that visit your website in the given time period (usually it’s a week or a month). It tells you how many potential leads you have far more accurately that hits ever can. With some web analytics packages, you can also track New Visitors, people who have never before visited your site – or new potential leads. You want to grow your Visitors and your New Visitors!

2. Pageviews

When you track website hits, you’re counting every file that is requested when someone views a page of your website. One page might require several graphics, and other files, so a single page view can be many hits. It’s not an accurate measure of anything, really. But pageviews, that’s a different story. Particularly when you compare it to the number of Visits (or Sessions), you get a sense of how much people are using your website. You want to grow your Pageviews!

3. Bounce Rate

You want people to interact with your website, and that usually means they visit a few pages. It could be that they land on your ezine sign up page, they sign up and then go to your thanks page, which gives them a link to look at a product or service, and they then go look at that. You don’t want people landing on a page of your website and then clicking away altogether. That’s why Bounce Rate is valuable: it tells you want proportion of visits to your website were single-page visits. You want to reduce your Bounce Rate!

4. Average Time on Site

If you have boring or irrelevant website content to your visitors, they’ll likely click away very quickly and never answer your call to action. The more engaging your website content is, the longer people will stay there, the more connected they will feel with you and your offerings, and the more likely they will be to answer your call to action. Average Time on Site is a great measure of how engaging your website is to visitors. You want to grow your Average Time on Site!

5. Goals Achieved

This final indicator measures the proportion of visitors to your site who answered your call to action, the thing you want your visitors to do on your website. They may have purchased a product or signed up to your ezine or contributed to an online discussion. As long as you can define that call to action (and you may have more than one), you can track it. It’s an indicator of how well your website is capturing your ideal leads. You want to grow your Goals Achieved!


What’s the purpose of your website? What is your call to action for visitors to your website? Are you measuring and tracking your website’s success adequately?
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The Days of Just Having a Web Presence Are Long Gone

March 5, 2012

The internet is a busy marketplace. Selling products and services from within a shopping centre this big is a challenge, and with the shoppers in this shopping centre being evermore critical and fussy over what they are given, selling online has become an arduous task. Successful online companies listen to their customers. They understand what they want and deliver a website that enthuses them and entices them to want what their business has.

Visitors to a business website are expecting more. Disappoint them at your peril. These visitors are now more experienced and have higher expectations when they are browsing the web. They’re expecting to see an up to date, informative and engaging website that will fuel their imaginations, encourage them to explore and ultimately convince them that your product or service is worth their time and money.

Sourcing a web design agency that has the knowledge and expertise to create a tailored website solution that meets both a companies and this companies customers needs and requirements is essential. A well designed website will become an effective online sales force for a business, its brand image, its products and its services.

This website will be an integral part of a companies team. It’s a team member that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It regularly needs feeding with the very latest health foods: up to date company news, product and services information, news on forthcoming events, etc. A visitor will recognise a website that has been fed with junk food and as quickly as they will recognise a site that has been fueled with healthy food and regular exercise.

With internet users becoming ever more fussy about what they are shown it is important that a business delivers a website that excites, invigorates and creates a positive reaction. These are the ingredients that will help create sales, site revisits and positive referrals.

A Content Management System (CMS) website solution will give a business the tools it needs to administer and nurture a its online presence. It gives a business the tools to continually maintain and nurture their company website. It allows company’s to assign an overall site administrator who can then assign editors throughout the company to assist them in updating the website and keeping fresh, current news and information on the website. Spreading the workload like this is essential especially on websites with lots of content.

One of the best Open Source content management systems around today is Drupal. Drupal is an established and well known open source platform that gives web designers the tools and systems to develop exceptional websites for their clients.

A website is a businesses sales person. Dress them poorly, feed them with out of date news and information and they will find it very difficult to sell for you. However, dress them in a slick suit, feed them with the very latest news on all a companies products and services and they’ll do the job.
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