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Mini Excavator Purchasing Tips

November 24, 2010

Mini Excavators have come into the construction world and taken it by storm. If you were one of those people who saw these machines and thought that a pair of guys with a shovel could do more work than one of these mini machines you were not along. Mini Diggers, as they are called in Europe, have been extremely popular there due to the lack of space for many projects. It was not until a few years ago that these mini machines hit the North America world by storm. If you are still wondering why so many people caught onto the use of these machines and why they still remain popular yet today then read on. Here are a few reasons why these machines became popular and what has kept them popular with construction contractors everywhere.

*Productivity: After looking at the size of one of these machines and then believing and people actually buy them because of their productivity may be a tough sell, but it is very true. A lot of times a contractor would have 2-3 people doing the job that 1 person could do by himself or herself on a mini excavator. This equation works out very well for the contractor because he can either use those unneeded 2 workers elsewhere or he can do the same job with fewer people on site. The cost savings and productivity will outweigh the cost of the machine in a very quick period of time.

*Size: One of the first things people notice about these machines are their small size. It is this size that also makes these machines so popular. A lot of the country has already been constructed. That means that a lot of the work will be around already constructed buildings, housing and etc. This fact in turn leads to tighter working spaces and narrow openings to get machines and other equipment through. Furthermore, these smaller sized excavators have become the perfect machine for this “reconstruction” process.

*Tow Behind Ability: You will see more mini excavators and skid steers behind a dump truck now than the traditional backhoe loader. The size of the mini excavator has made it much easier to tow and transport throughout large congested cities and narrow neighborhood roads. There is no special license that the driver needs to have in order to transport this machine which makes it much more accessible to a wide variety of contractors working in the market today.
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good free hosting which supports joomla?

November 18, 2010
I’d like to install and try out the newer Joomla 1.5, but don’t have an “extra site to play with” in order to install and manage content with it. I’m into web design by choice, but I’d like to play with it to see how it works as a CMS.

Do you know of any free hosting sites (or cheap) where I can install and run Joomla on their linux server?

essentially, I’m not sure if the free hosting’s ad supported deal is compatible. so if you know if a cheap hosting place -ANYTHING BUT GODADDY- that i can seamlessly run joomla on, I’d appreciate it.
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How to create a professional looking website with Joomla or WordPress?

November 16, 2010

I’m no web designer so I don’t know html. I’ve heard you can create a professional looking website using Joomla or WordPress. Is that correct? I searched and see that these sites were created using Joomla;

I have a little time on my hand, so how do I go about creating a site like that. Is the designing part free if I do it? Where do I start? and is Joomla or WordPress better?

I know it mght take time, but I’d rather do it myself because I want to learn how to do a little web designing whether it be this way or not.
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Does Web 2.0 Make a Difference in Your Organization?

November 7, 2010

If your organization has yet to embrace web 2.0, then chances are you do not have an internal communication and collaboration portal. Frankly, you may not be totally convinced that your company can benefit from better communication and collaboration tools and cannot see where the ROI would be.

This article is directed at the skeptics among us, those who feel that social media does not belong in the workplace. I would like to show you several ways that a content and document management system can be used to improve communication and foster collaboration in your organization. Forget the Web 2.0 moniker…think how improving communication and collaboration within your organization can improve the productivity of your workforce.

Our CMS provides a web based document management system which can be accessed from anywhere in the world that your website can be accessed. You can apply an existing workflow schema to your documents or create one of your own. Our Project Workflow Alerts component will allow teams to collaborate without phone calls, emails and other unnecessary communications about changes to documents and folders. Role-based security ensures that documents on your website are safe and that employees have easy access whether they are working at home or located in another country.

Communication is a two-way street and this CMS provides tools to push news, policies, financial statements etc. down to employees, as well as ways for employees to share ideas and give feedback.

Our suite of tools will help you to add, categorize and target internal news items to specific groups within the organization, or to the entire organization.CEOs and other levels of management can use Blogs to create a back and forth with employees throughout the company.

Our Message Boards and Frequently Asked Questions can be implemented internally and externally for Help Desks and Project Teams. Message Boards and Frequently Asked Questions can also be implemented to solicit feedback from employees, or as a departmental communication tool (documents , pictures, videos can be attached to messages).

This CMS has a Survey component which can be used to involve your employees in continuous improvement programs; dynamically post survey results and then act on the published findings. Surveys can also be created to gather external feedback from customers or business partners.

I had a manager once who took a picture of every new employee and saved it in a notebook along with a note about the employee. We’ve made this easier to do with the Data Rotator and Image Gallery portal components which can also be used to feature employees of the month, new employees, promotions or as a part of your online employee directory.
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Do it Yourself Website Management and Design

November 6, 2010

It does not matter if your business is just in the beginning stages or on the path to success, a website is necessary to show off your products and bring you more customers, allowing you to sell more items and make more money. Even a basic website can accomplish this and a do it yourself website is really simple to create with the choices available online.

You have seen now that it is possible to design a do it yourself website by following simple steps available through countless online programs and downloads. You can perform an easy search to find the option that is best for you. They can supply you with development of graphics, message and copy as well as knowledge of keywords and how to use them.

Before you set out to make a do it yourself website, do your research thoroughly. What is your goal for your website? What is your main message or sell point? Perhaps most important, what does your competition’s website look like and can you replicate it, but more successfully? If you have this information ahead of time, you will be better prepared to include these essentials as you build your site.

An extremely effective means of beating your competitors is to achieve a high search engine ranking so that would-be clients will come across you when looking for someone in your industry. You do this via buzzwords which give your potential clientele some idea about your merchandise and/or services. If you have that high ranking, you’ll get first crack at turning those people into active purchasers.

Study the best keyword practices to assure your website utilizes the best options possible; they are not necessarily the words you would think. These and other tools are available on the internet (some for free) and they will help your website as much as other programs for appearance, wording and processing functions will.

An effective site provides for all of your clients’ needs. That includes taking care of processing their orders perfectly. If your clientele is satisfied and enjoys using your site, your business will thrive and become more and more profitable. Hurry and create a do it yourself website. Done correctly, it will have a wonderful outcome, bringing you great prosperity.
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Choosing the Right CMS For Your Web Site

November 5, 2010

We all have seen a few different content management systems I am sure. But with all the different CMS solutions available how do you choose the right one for your Web Site. This article will go over the main points to consider when choosing a content management system and what to look out for.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what type of web site am I creating?

There are many different CMS solutions out there to you and each one is best used for a different type of web site. So to choose the right CMS you need to find out what purpose your web site will have and what the main required functions of the content management system will be.

For example if you are planning to create a web site that simply will be used to post articles or guides, WordPress may be the right solution for you. However if you are looking at creating more of a community that focuses around dynamic content and users, a portal like CMS may be what you are looking for. Popular portal like content management systems include PHP Nuke and Joomla, as they offer a wide range of features for community based web sites.

When choosing a Content Management System for your web site you also need to take functionality into consideration. You need the CMS to be able to be customizable and and expandable, if required in the future. Although newer content management systems may boast great features you need to take into account the low following they may have. The following a CMS has is very important mainly because it is these followers that will be creating modules/add ons that you may need in the future. Followers/users of a particular CMS are also great for helping with problems/questions that the CMS developers are too busy to answer.

As stated above the modules, add ons or extra functions are content management offers, is very important to take into consideration when choosing a CMS. You want to choose a system that offers download of additional modules that perform special features that you may want to use. For example if you also run a forum you may like a CMS that is compatible with that forum or offers a module that bridges the two together, which allows the use of single accounts etc.

Finally the history of the content management system also needs to be taken into consideration. A long running CMS that is updated often is a good choice as bugs are usually fixed when discovered along with security risks. An older CMS that has little or no updates may pave the way for possible bugs and security exploits so always look out for a CMS with an active developer base.
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