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Joomla For Realtors – Using Joomla to Build Realtor Sites

April 30, 2010

Are you trying to find that perfect software that will enable you to build your Realtor website? Have you thought about using Joomla. Joomla is a perfect open source content management system to use to help develop your Real Estate website.

Because Joomla is an open source software program, anyone can write an extension of the initial software program and it will work in conjunction with the initial core components. This is the reason why the market has be saturated with Joomla modules, templates, components.

If you can dream it up, more than likely and extension to the initial Joomla software has been developed. This makes the possibilities for the Joomla software to be absolutely limitless. You can literally find thousands of extensions all over the web. You can definitely develop a unique, one-of-a-kind website using this free open-source software.

The Joomla templates will help you to define the style and layout of your website. There are literally thousands of template styles available all across the internet. So, if you have a certain layout in mind, you can probably find it. With the widespread availability of the templates, it may take time to find that perfect layout. If you don’t come across that one layout that will give your website that “WOW” factor that you desire, don’t forget that by using the various extensions that have been developed for the Joomla core software, and you can always modify a pre-existing template to better suit your needs.

There is actually a wide variety of Realtor templates that are currently available on the internet. Some of them you can even acquire for free. Templates are available for instant download, and you can only use a template for one website. So if you are thinking about developing more than one site, you will have to download the template more than once. Don’t forget either that you can use a different template for each of the pages that you will have on your website, if you want to. Templates are also available for purchase. Usually the one’s that require payment are more “fancy” that the plain, free templates. They can be flash templates that will definitely catch the visitor’s eye whenever they visit your page.

You will definitely have to have some sort of an idea of what it is that you are looking for in the design and layout of your website before you begin to try and locate that perfect template that will best suit your needs. This will make your life much easier. If you still can’t find the one that you want, consider hiring a designer to develop one for you. Of course you will have to pay for it; however, your site will be the only one using that template and will prove to be unique.

Using Joomla to build a Realtor website is the perfect choice because it is easy for one to operate compared to the other software programs that are available on today’s market. It is the most popular open source content management software; therefore, the availability and the options that you will have, are endless.
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Top 5 Free CMS Solutions For Small Businesses

April 24, 2010

A CMS or content management system can make or break any website – especially those websites operated by small businesses. I have seen many cases where a small business owner is frustrated with his/her website because it does nothing and they do not have the HTML and CSS skill to update simple content such as telephone numbers, company history, products for sale, and the list goes on. Or the webmaster or employee that they have hired is inaccessible or slow at updating. So what do they do? They resort to doing nothing and their sites become archaic.

Small business owners have a lot on their plate in order to run their businesses. So in most cases updating the website is not high on the priority list since the site is likely already outdated and giving a bad impression and not generating any leads or revenue.

Now, enter the world of the content management system (CMS). Generally speaking a good CMS will allow you to at minimum edit your static content, insert pictures and change the formatting of your text. The way CMS’s work is that your website design is transformed into a template which specifies the editable content areas. This way you can edit your content without breaking the layout of the site. A few good web hosting providers can work with all the top CMS systems and may even help you install and convert your website to work with them.

Content management systems are available in all shapes and sizes. Some are free and others you have to license. Some are complicated to use and others are newbie friendly. Some only run on specialized frameworks like .NET or JSP and Java and others are built on Open Source Friendly languages such as PHP.

For most small businesses, you want to choose a CMS that has been around a long while and has a large following. This helps to ensure stability and in many cases flexibility as if you ever need work done on your CMS your costs will be lower and your choice of help greater. CMS’s that require specialized frameworks are generally more complicated and require specialized hosting like Windows Hosting or Java Hosting- which increase costs. I am of the opinion based on my own experiences the following CMS’s are best suited for small businesses and small business owners. For most CMS’s you will still need to have someone help integrate your chosen CMS into your website, however after this step you are able to manage your own website.

1) Joomla, This CMS has been around for numerous years and almost has a cult following. The most current version of Joomla has a refined administration panel which makes it even easier for new users to operate. The Joomla community has amassed numerous extensions from free to paid for all types of industries and solutions that are needed. The development cycle for Joomla is also very fast, so this means the community is always releasing new updates and security fixes.

2) CMS MadeSimple, This is a great CMS that has gained much popularity. It is lightweight and easy to setup. Unlike other CMS systems it is very simplified. This makes it very good for small sites or sites that need to be quickly developed .

3) GL Fusion, Gives you the ability to quickly and easily setup websites complete with extras like forums, CAPTCHA support, calendaring, and full file and media gallery management solutions, and MooTools AJAX support. glFusion creates sites that arefully XHTML compliant with a pure CSS driven layout. The design is SEO friendly and is also accessible by screen readers and other assistance tools used by the visually impaired.

4) Etomite, This CMS makes use of some new content delivery techniques, specifically in the utilization of AJAX. You can incorporate AJAX functionality through the backend editor without any knowledge of AJAX programming. In addition, this CMS system creates your site in a fully W3C/XHTML validated format. This is become more and more important with regard to search engines and placement, and having a clean cross browser compatible site.

5) Impress CMS, This is a community developed CMS ans still young compared to the others listed above. However, its fast growing and as easy to use as editing a word document. This CMS won the 2008 most promising CMS award and currently, a small selection of add-on modules are available.
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Why won’t Joomla 1.0.14 let me log in?

April 19, 2010
I’m running Joomla 1.0.14 and every now then I’ll get booted from the system for some reason; but now, pretty much every day, I’ll try to go and log back in and it wont let me. The password and user name will be right; it doesn’t say they’re wrong either – it processes the page like it’s taking me to the main administrator page, only to come back to the log-in page.
I have no idea why it’s doing this – I was on this morning, logged off fine; now what has to be around 10 hours later, it wont let me back in. What’s going on?
I can’t find anything of use from the site linked about MySQL. I was able to get into Joomla just fine, for the longest time; and over the last few weeks, it’s just gotten worse and worse. It started off getting booted out every once in a while; to this week, where I can only seem to be able to log in once a day!
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How to Choose the Best Web Content Management Services

April 16, 2010

If you run a firm, even if it’s just a small company, but your website consists of more than a dozen pages, don’t you want to find a way to properly maintain it and update its content? Because there has to be a much better way than to individually coding the content through HTML. Not only is it time consuming, but it also requires a lot of effort to whoever is tasked to do the updates. For this reason, it is important that you choose the best one among the many web content management services that can help you with your online requirements.

What are the things that you should look for in a content management system or CMS? This is the software that a web content firm will be offering to you so you can easily update your web pages, without the need to hire a web developer each time new content has to go online. There are a few factors you should consider and the most common ones are the following:

1. Ease of use

What good is a content management system that is not intuitive and requires too much training for anybody to use it? The whole system has to be easily understandable that someone who is not highly technical in terms of web technologies can easily put up new content on your website.

2. Support

Does the web content management services that you choose offers good support? And for how long? You know that technology gets updated very fast and you surely don’t want to be owning a piece of software or system that is already obsolete two or three years from now. That is why support is highly important.

3. Cost

Definitely price is a major factor. Unless you have unlimited cash or resources, but like most firms, you don’t have that luxury. There are a lot of price points that you can consider that can match your content management requirements. But remember the old saying, you get what you pay for. Just consider this venture as a necessary investment on your part.

4. Compatibility with current web standards

If you are not knowledgeable enough to tackle issues that refer to web standards, then find someone who can help you understand them. This is because you must know if the content management system you will be purchasing strictly adheres to such standards. This is important because it will result to greater website usability and ease of use on your part.

5. Turn over period

You have your deadline. You know that your website’s readers will not tolerate a site that is constantly under repair due to the implementation of a new system from your web content management services firm. You certainly do not want to lose a considerable chunk of your audience. Therefore it is important that you have a clear understanding of when the whole content management system will be fully ready. This is also to give you enough time to fix any bugs in the system should something like those arise.
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WordPress Publishers, This is a Must Read!

April 11, 2010

Web Forms are a great way to find out what your readers think, want, and are interested in. Finding this out by lack of readers is too late and you will not get a second chance.

Keeping your content interesting is always a good practice, but if you do not have a keen sense of what your readers want, you will loose them. This has been a major pitfall for many content providers.

By using forms on your pages, you can provide a way to see the real deal. What would you like to see on my site, How can we help you better than we do, what sort of problems can we help you with. Virtually any number of statistics can be gathered in a form on your pages, and analyzed.

WordPress technically displays dynamic pages, as the content can change anytime. Well so does the needs of our visitors, whom have only a comment or a post to communicate with.

With a form, you can intelligently capture and then organize the suggestions by category, and subject matter. Emails and posts are time consuming, and require lots of intervention, where a form can be automated to make the process what it should be. Evaluate content requests for possible action.

A truly dynamic environment, where users can easily get their ideas across to their content providers. So, by giving them a tool to collect their ideas, and content provider tools to sort and process them makes your site very desirable.

For Most Word Press publishers, these tools usually require a great deal of technical prowess to accomplish this, and most of them are limited to plugins and the like, so they would need to hire a programmer.
Fortunately there are some new plugins that cater to that very need, and I have been fortunate to utilize them, and it has made a remarkable difference to my subscribers.

By providing a flexible fabric of content that your readers can interact directly with a content provider, they feel as though they are part of the team, and contribute much more value back into your site.

Creating pages on request, based on user input ? 10 people are asking for more information on bankruptcy, 35 for Foreclosures. You run your reports, and see what are the top needs. You do not have to read 35 posts, and comments, interpret what they are talking about, it can all be summed up.

If they do not see what they want they will leave your site, and you want to keep their eyes on your pages, and the way to do that is give them what they want. As this technology evolves, you will see automatic content creation come into your site, by user request.

You are not going to read every post and comment to check what people are asking for. That in itself would be a full time job, so let technology feed the needs of your user community.
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How do i set up a website using mysql and a shared hoster?

April 5, 2010
I’m also using joomla through ftp. how long does it typically take to get a dns propogated?
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Joomla World of Warcraft Templates

April 2, 2010

Are you looking for that one special template that will work with your Joomla software and will grab a visitor’s attention when they see it? There are templates out there that are perfect attention getters, especially if you’re a gamer or if you have a clan.

Anyone can write an extension of the initial core program that will work as Joomla is an open source software program This is great for the web site owner or administrator/editor because with so many available options you will be able to change templates to keep giving your website that freshness that you crave.

Visiting the same website on a daily basis tends to get old, if updates are not made. By switching your layout design, style and feel, your website will never become boring like some of the others that are on the web. Keeping it fresh and appealing to the customers will definitely benefit you in the long run.

With that being said, joomla themes come in a wide variety of designs and styles. They can appeal to the eCommerce websites and even gamers who have developed a clan. You can find templates based on softball, real estate and even video games. One of the most popular video game based style is World of Warcraft theme.

These styles can make you feel like you are there. They are very graphic and detailed and can give that whole entire feeling to your website. Most of these themes are for guild use only and offer different aspects that you can customize. Usually you can download one time and possibly a second time for a test site.

The perfect design is out there for you, but you will have to search and spend time to find it. There are so many options available that you will need to sort through them until you find that perfect one that you’ve been dreaming of. If you still can’t find it, think about having a designer develop one just for you. You will have the only theme of that kind as you will own the rights to it. Having a designer design one for you, is just one of your options that is available. Joomla styles are free on many websites out there and I have even found free World of Warcraft guides. You can also purchase a premade style.

Depending upon the type and style of the theme will determine how much you will pay for it. Flash styles are usually more expensive as it takes a lot more time and effort in developing a template of this level. You could join a style club. Usually you will purchase a membership to the club and as long as your membership is valid, you will have access to every item that they have available for free.

When deciding on a template, just remember to make sure that the template is the version of your Joomla software. Templates come in either Joomla 1.0.X or Joomla 1.5.X. You want to make sure that you get the right one so that you can be on your way to having a cool page!
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Create Your Website in a Few Hours

April 1, 2010

Online web identity is the real need of modern day life. Internet has become the integral part of our lives and everyone needs to have his/her online identity. Now the question arises “How can we create our online identity?”. Well.. it was done by hiring a web developer till a few years back but now a days, one can find certain software known as content management system (cms) by which one can easily create his or her own website. They are really easy to operate and follow “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) style. “WYSIWYG” is the functionality by which you may see the end result while creating the product. Does not it sense something weird? Yes, but the reality is there are best content management system with rich functionality.

Content management system is a software which makes the life of webmasters and owners of sites much easier by providing advanced technologies for making a website without taking any pain about the syntax of html/css as the best content management system take care all of such problems.

It gives you the opportunity to make all the content of your web site in a well organized manner and includes a lot of features that makes it possible for a lay man or a man with no knowledge of html/css, data base systems can build a web site which can be more good looking and much more complied with W3c standards than a website or blog created by a webmaster.

It was necessary some years back to get a good hand on html/css when building your own website or blog. But in the current scenario science and technology is too much improved as compared to some years back and now the speed of man kind’s progress is 100 times faster than ever. Now every one needs some thing like content management system, that a person who do not know anything about web site building can make his or her own website better than any site created by a web programmer and more importantly it only takes a few hours.

Whenever I used the term CONTENT, most of the people think that it is only about text but in the field of content management system, content means every thing which one can use on his or web site like it can be pictures, videos, voice clips, documents with different extensions, forms, banners, all the text like articles or speeches etc…

Some of the key features of the best content management system are listed below:

01- It should have some standard template which should also support CSS.
02- It must be W3C compliant
03- It should have the feature of browser based content creation and modification.
04- It should have all the features of some editing software like Microsoft word.
05- One should be able to create unlimited categories and then sub categories.
06- It should be available in multiple languages.
07- Sharing between the users should be so easy.
08- Admin must be able to grant several levels of privileges to different users like editing, creating and removing content.
09- There should be some built in feature that take care of all the stuff like reporting or some thing like auto updating of site at some time.
10- It should be able to take care of media items like folders and sub folders.
11- It should also generate some reports automatically to see the popularity of content.
12- It should also take care of link directories, polls, news etc…
13- Most importantly, the application itself should be safe,secure and robust.

There is a wide range of online content management system available in the market. Some are freely available and some companies charge for their product. Now it all depends upon the user to choose open source content management system which is freely available (recommended if you have web development skills and have enough time to fix issues) or to buy any paid content management system, enriched with outstanding features.
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