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How do you create your personal Joomla template using Photoshop from scratch?

January 30, 2010

I need to know this thing because I have to apply it at work…

How can I create my personal Joomla template from scratch. Imagine you create a template with photoshop and a bit of flash. Now, you export such template by slicing it and exporting it to an application like dreamweaver (I am talking about a normal html static website at this point).

My question is, how I can create the same template (with Photoshop and Flash) and then using it as a Joomla template?

Please I really need to know how this is done because I am going to start working on this website after this weekend. (The client already has an idea of how the template will look like and that is why I have to create it with photoshop and flash and then using it in Joomla, because they want the site to be content managed).

Thank you in advance.
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Joomla Flash Templates

January 26, 2010

Joomla is the most popular open source content management system for websites that is available on the market today. With it being open source software, anyone can write extensions and variations that are designed to work with the initial core components to extend Joomla’s functionality. With this being said the availability of extension is absolutely unbelievable. If you can dream it up, it has probably already been made.

Joomla designs are extremely popular and widely available. There are literally thousands of options that one could choose from. The Joomla designs define the theme, style and layout of the website itself. If you want a plain Jane website, that’s possible. If you want a unique, one-of-a-kind website, that is possible. If you want something flashy that will grab the attention of your visitors that is also possible.

First, you must know that these open source software themes come in two different versions. The versions are 1.0.X and 1.5. Whichever template you decide to go with, make sure that you have the version that will work with the version on Joomla that you initially downloaded, installed and are using as this point in time.

There are Joomla flash themes available on the market today. These are front end templates. Flash themes are not needed on the back end of the website. The front end is the side of the website that all of the visitors will see, so when trying to design the best, coolest, most exciting website out there, just remember that you will need a front end template. A back end template is the design that the administrator, editor, webmaster will see. It is not needed on the back end.

Flash themes for this software can be exciting. They do grab the visitor’s attention. You can have moving graphics and art, sound etc. Have you ever visited a web page and the page at first says “loading” and then all of the sudden music starts playing stars are flying or something along these lines? If you have then you have seen a flash theme. Flash themes definitely do draw the visitors attention and their eyes to that certain point; however, you just want to make sure that you don’t add to many elements as a flash template can become overwhelming if abused.

You can find flash templates for this open source system on the internet. All you have to do is search for them. Flash themes tend to be a little more expensive than normal templates; however, there are a few websites that offer free flash templates. If you want a specific design to suit your specific needs, your best option is to hire a designer. Let them know what it is that you are specifically looking for and they can design a flash theme to fit your needs.

Your newly designed website will be yours, as you will pay the designer to work on your project, you will have bought the rights to the template. This means that no other website will be able to use your template and your website will be truly unique.
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Where can I download the best free Joomla 1.5 Templates?

January 16, 2010

Where can I download the best free Joomla Templates?

I am working on a client’s website with a RED and WHITE theme, with 3 columns
can anyone please point me to the best website where I can download ELEGANT looking FREE templates for joomla 1.5?

i have visited a lot of sites that offers joomla templates and most of the them so far looks OK but I really want to show an impressive template, one that is absolutely beautiful and FREE !

please please help me -_____-
thank you in advance
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How to Use Joomla to Create Simple Website

January 16, 2010

I started using Joomla a few years ago and I must admit that it is not one of the easiest Content Management System especially for beginners. It does not comes with step by step manual that teaches you how to create a website from scratch. The user manual (even at the time of writing) is based on functional aspect rather than looking from the users’ perspective.

Over the years, I found that it only take 5 steps to create a basic website using Joomla Content Management System. I am sharing these 5 steps below to help you if you still cannot figure it out after looking through the manual. Please note that these steps will only help if you first look at the official user manual provided by the Joomla Developers.

The first step is to draft out your site map (in three levels depth) on a piece of paper. Take a Beauty and Spa website for example, assuming the top level is Home, then it branches to two children each namely services and products. Services will then branch off to another two children namely Massage and Facial. Products will branch off to Toner and Cleanser. After you have three levels of site map, you can now classify Home as Section, services and products as Categories and four of the rest as articles. Articles are also known as web pages in Joomla context.

The second step is to create section(s) in Joomla Content Management System. For this example, you will only have one section – the Home. You can create new sections by going to Content – Section Manager. Next is to create categories under your section. One thing to note is to remember to tag the category under the correct section. You can create and tag the categories by going to the Content – Category Manager.

The third step is to create articles, which is the web pages for your web site. You can do this through Content – Article Manager. Joomla comes with a powerful editor that allows you to create content for the pages easily without knowing the codes.

The fourth step is to create a menu for your link to appear. This step is necessary if you want people to click on a link to view the articles. You can create the menu by using the Menu option. Once in the option, create a new menu and put in links to the menu.

The fifth step is to enable the menu. Many people forget this step and this is precisely the reason why the menu does not show. This is because we have yet to tell Joomla where should the menu appear. Therefore, you should go to Module manager and find the menu name then enable it. The module manager is where you can choose where to position your menu.

To be exact, this is not the last step yet as you can further customize the layout and add on additional extensions. However, these 5 steps should solve most of the people’s confusion when they started Joomla.
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Content Management For Small Business Website Marketing

January 10, 2010

Marketing of small business websites online is as important as getting it listed at a higher ranking on Search Engine listings. Either you have to design or build your own website or you have to hire professional website designers to do the job. There are different types of marketing service providers available online to market your site, like submitting your site for search engines and providing search engine optimization report by an expert. There is also provision to advertise in the Online Internet Yellow Pages where professionals design and place an advertisement program in these yellow pages like Yahoo!?, Worldpages, Smartpages, and

Then comes the email marketing. As email is the number one popular online activity among internet users, be at home or at work, this creates a prime marketing opportunity, for both large and small businesses. For small businesses it is also one of the most cost-effective ways to market products and services. In fact, you can professionally create and send e-mail newsletters, promotions, and updates to your customers in minutes, thereby increasing the web traffic to your site.

All this requires managing and maintaining your website content to a professional grade. That is where Content Management System (CMS) comes in. CMS is a web application used for creating websites and also managing the web content. It can also be used for storing and publishing documentation such as technical manuals, operators’ manuals, sales guides, etc. It provides many software tools to enhance the look of your site. For example, attractive product display headings are a must for every site. Using CMS you can create customizable Flash Banners and Navigation. It also helps in creating standard visual templates that can be automatically applied to new and existing content, creating one central place and change that look across all content on your site.

They also have plug-ins that can be easily installed to extend your existing site’s functionality. For example, if you wanted to add a product catalog or chat program to a website, one could easily install a module/plug-in to add that functionality rather than hiring a web developer to write code to that new functionality.

They are designed to receive regular updates that include new feature sets and keep the system up to latest web standards. These updates are usually designed for easy installation either on-top of your existing website or modifying it suitably. There are many open-source and paid CMS solutions available.
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Creating Drupal Themes With Artisteer

January 2, 2010

If you’re an internet marketer or designer and haven’t heard of Artisteer or Drupal then you’re in for a treat. With the help of these to programs, your internet presence will go from a steep uphill battle to a walk in the park. So what exactly are these two programs?

Well to get started, if your business is on the internet you have to have a website. That is where Drupal comes into play. Drupal is a cms or content management system. A cms is basically a way of taking content that you or your members provide and keeping it organized so that it can be displayed in a format you like. It is what makes web sites dynamic. Now that you have a dynamic website, it is up to you to display the information, or site content in a way that is appealing to the readers.

Drupal allows you to easily manage the way content is displayed through its themes. You have several themes that come default with Drupal. Most of which you will find boring. Or you can go out and find a theme on the internet. The only problem is that if you want a really good theme, it is either expensive or everyone and their mother is using it on their site so its not very original. This is where Artisteer comes into play.

Artisteer is the program all of us Drupal Themers have been waiting for. It makes designing original Drupal sites a snap. With the use of this program you could easily spit out 20 or more custom themes in a day, leaving you all that extra time to promote your site. Its very simple to use and can make even the most design challenged person an instant artist. With the click of a few buttons the program will give you a suggestion and you are free to change any aspect of that design. Loaded with so many features you would think you might get overwhelmed, but the program flows so naturally that nothing is complicated.

Artisteer is a top notch program for a very small price, as low as $49.95. It even comes with a fully functional demo version. Drupal is a completely open source program with a very large and helpfull community so don’t waste any more time or money and get into drupal today.
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