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Artisteer – Create Stunning WordPress Themes

November 29, 2009

Artisteer is an amazing new software tool that has WordPress (and other) users jumping for joy. If you have any WordPress sites, you’ve obviously ran into the bottleneck of trying to find a suitable theme to get your site looking just right. If that’s you, Artisteer can make your life much easier.

Sure, you can go purchase a premium theme, at a premium price. You can also search through the endless number of free themes and hope that you don’t download one that has malicious code embedded, but why would you want to?

Now there’s no reason to do either. With the availability of Artisteer not long ago, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CodeCharge and ASP.NET developing just got much easier and faster. With such an intuitive, easy to learn interface, and such powerful capabilities, nearly anyone can create stunning themes/templates in just minutes. Before, you’d better know HTML and CSS very well before even attempting what Artisteer makes so easy.

WordPress has become the platform of choice for many Internet Marketers, and that’s for several reasons. Obviously, the first thing that is very attractive, is that it’s free with any cpanel hosting account. Even so, a bad product is bad regardless of the price. WordPress is also popular because it is just a well designed, efficient, easy to use product. It was good right out of the gate, and it gets better with every new release. The developers deserve all the praise that they receive. Also, WordPress lends itself well to nearly any task. With the many plugins available you can make it do nearly anything you could possibly want from a marketing website.

So, you’ve got a fantastic, free, versatile product in WordPress. It installs with just a few clicks using Fantastico Deluxe. What could make it any better? Artisteer is the missing link that you maybe didn’t even realize was needed. I use to weigh the options of paying for a custom theme, buying a premium theme, or jumping from site to site looking for that free theme that was just right. Those days are long gone, I bought Artisteer and what used to take at least many hours, I can now do in minutes.

With a cool option to suggest ideas for your new theme, creativity isn’t even necessary to create awesome themes and templates with Artisteer. If creativity was required, well, let’s just say I would be out of luck with this program. I have no creativity, but yet even I can create great looking WordPress themes using Artisteer.

You’ve heard the saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ It’s true, and the image a visitor gets from any website that you build, better be a good one immediately. If you have a horrible, ugly or confusing site, people aren’t going to hang around and give you a second chance to make that first impression. I’ve seen sites, even just a single sales page produce a staggering amount of money consistently, not because they necessarily offered the best information or product, but because they were so visually appealing and did offer something that immediately caught the visitors eye.
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Please help with JOOMLA! Itslooks different than all the tutorials , why?

November 24, 2009
Hi, Iam having a hard time installing Joomla with localhost through wamp. can you please help me. I have tried watching the videos on youtube and they all look different than Joomla Iam trying to use. I have downloaded 1.5 full zip file.

But I cant figure out were to actually install it at? Can you please help me. I think I am now suppost to put it in the address field like this :


That’s what I named the file ( mywebsite) but it wont work!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

Thanks ūüôā

Mambo, Joomla, Php or Drupal? Which one should I use? Please help?

November 17, 2009

Which module of CMS to create a site like:

I want to know If that can be done with Joomla or Mambo or even Drupal. I want to design a free online listing forum in my small home town. I also want to intergrate the pay-per-click service. Which modules or which CMS can I use to go about creating something like it.

If possible, please also suggest a few good php and mySQL website where I can get source codes and discussion forums.

Your input will be greatly appreciated.
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Website CMS

November 11, 2009

Website CMS is an evolving phenomenon. Content management systems have been targets of criticism in terms of search engine friendliness due to their compromise between ease of use and coding standards. The problem is hat professional web design requires W3C compliancy and different CMS applications have been designed by different groups and individuals. This means that there is one standard but many different types of software. This is the same problem that has plagued PC hardware and software development. You can buy different types of hardware and software from different manufacturers and software houses so we would be naive to expect them to work together in harmony.

So what’s the problem with Website CMS and SEO? The issue here is that website design company’s all too often create websites for their customer along with CMS applications and then hand them other. SEO¬†is an afterthought and the primary objective of the CMS¬†is content update. This is the compromise. The customer hasn’t paid for SEO so the content management system does not cater for it. If the customer requires SEO¬†later on then the CMS¬†is not scalable. This is a big mistake on the website company’s part.

The solution is to find a Website CMS that is W3C standards compliant. Content management systems have improved and with the popularity of blogging software lots of inbuilt SEO automation now exists. But this only solves part of the problem. No amount of automation can replace a professional search engine optimisation campaign by an experienced SEO expert because there is just so much to consider.
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Online Content Management Systems

November 6, 2009

What is CMS?
CMS is the abbreviation used for content management system. In simple words it is just a software that helps you to manage all the content for your website. With the help of these content management systems, one can quickly and easily add, edit ,update and delete website contents and website pages as well. The only thing, he needs to know is how to press a few keys of key board and what is the difference between the right click functionality and left click functionality of mouse. CMS will take care of all the rest of the things.So in this way, you will save a lot of money and time by doing all the work by yourself and not giving a single penny to any web master.

Who needs CMS?
When some body wants to change content on one of his own web site he must have the knowledge of hyper text language (HTML), now if that person doesn’t know any thing about HTML then he will find himself no where. What he will do now is to hire an expert but now with the advancement of technology it is so easy to change and manage the content on your web site with the help of some best content management system.

What is meant by content in CMS?
Now when we talk about content, what comes first in everybody’s mind is the content that is only present in the body of a webpage Content means every thing which includes text, images, video clips, voice clips, documents, address books and etc…

Types of Content management system
Technically we have two types of content management systems:
1- Content management application (CMA)
2- Content delivery application (CDA)

Content management application part of the content management system is used to create, remove and edit any content from your web site with out any need of an expert of web programming or with out any even basic knowledge of hypertext markup language (HTML).Where as the content delivery application use all the records and information created by content management application to update a site.

Features of content management system
There is a wide range of content management systems available in the market and over internet. Some of them are freely available and some of them are available at reasonable cost. Now the question is , which one is the best content management system?. To answer this question, we should go in some further details, like the features of content management system. A CMS should have some basic qualities which are as follows:

1- Ease of use

2- Web based publication

3- Format management

4- Revision control

5- easy communication between users

6- Indexing

7- Allow a large number of users

8- Searching

9- Easy data storage
10- Retrieval

The above mentioned features are some key features of any online content management system. Now different small and big organizations prefer to use a web content management system rather hiring a webmaster because of ease of use. It is just like that if somebody is using Microsoft word and editing, creating and deleting from his or her document.

So, it is highly recommended to use a CMS, because it is a new advanced technology which is helping programmers or webmasters to not to put all their energy in removing syntax mistakes while managing data but to use their energies for the satisfaction of client which saves for them a lot of money and time.
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