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Get More Out of Your Website

October 25, 2009

You’re constantly looking for more ways to improve your site’s user experience. Whether it’s a streamlined layout that enables your users to quickly find what they’re looking for or fresh daily content to keep them coming back. You’re continually working to better engage your site’s users because you know that the more engaged visitors to your site are, the more money you’ll make, whether it’s from additional ad impressions / better click rates or from higher sale rates / reduced time to sale.

Better or fresher content is usually the goal but often you don’t have the time or resources to improve upon your current standards. Or perhaps you’ve got great content but you’d like to find a better way of delivering the specific content of interest to the different visitor types to your site. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a resource that you could tap to provide you with fresh, daily content that could also be targeted to each site user on an individual basis based upon who they are and what they’re interested in? Or how about a service that could take your existing content and deliver it uniquely tailored to each visitors preferences and current interests?

This author has found a new technology that will enable any webmaster to increase their bottom line, whether it be from increased ad sales or product sales. This technology is fully configurable and customizable to your site and can be used to significantly increase your sites stickiness, popularity, and revenues.

This new technology is called myPageo (see, a free content delivery mechanism which resides in the empty space to the left and right of a webpage, viewable by users with higher resolution monitors. This technology enables you to leverage this space to: aggregate select content into a single, “top of mind” space for the user; deliver 3rd party content relevant to each user per their personal preferences and session activity; and to deliver targeted display, contextual, or in-text advertising.
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Joomla CMS Scalable Services

October 24, 2009

Most of the companies that are into the business of building Websites have employed in-house Webmasters to develop and manage the websites for them. Unfortunately with this kind of setup, a major problem could arise. Just imagine a scenario where the Website developer changes webmasters for whatever reason. There could be a big problem when the new webmaster has difficulty interpreting and getting the codes used by the previous webmaster and finding the locations.

Another problem could be when it comes to changing Website content. Search engines, as we ought to know by now, loves fresh content. However, with new Webmasters coming in to replace old ones, it might be hard to edit contents. Some new Webmasters would find it difficult to directly edit if the codes used are locked in the old Webmaster’s computer.

Fortunately, these days, there are new trends for Website developers to solve the limitations. The name of this tool is what we refer to as CMS, or content management system. This content management tool runs entirely on the Website, so the original copy of your site is on the site itself and not in your Webmaster’s PC and, therefore, you need not worry if he suddenly leaves. Once the Website is up and running, the authorized end-users can be given permission to access the Website files and edit it easily using the content manager.

There are a lot of content management tools available for us, some for free and some requiring monthly fees. One of the most effective and widely used content management tools is Joomla CMS. Once you’ve installed Joomla CMS in your Web server, it will store your Website in a database (MySql) and return WebPages to visitors through your Web server.

What’s amazing about Joomla CMs is that it’s very flexible and is applicable to different types of businesses. It could be small business sites or large corporate Websites. Because of the popularity of Joomla CMS, a lot of Website developers focus their attention on Joomla CMS. These Website development companies have their own expert Joomla developers and designers.

Getting flexible and easy-to-manage (not to mention open-source) CMS like Joomla CMS is like setting up a safety net under your business operations. You no longer have to worry when it’s time to change your Webmaster or when your developers suddenly decide to resign or go on leave. With Joomla, you are sure to operate without disruptions. You can update Websites under your wings. Just make sure to purchase the site hosting in your name. Keep control of the hosting and be able to control your site problem-free.
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Web Site Content Management Systems and Its Importance

October 24, 2009

Content is a vital component of any website or any marketing/advertising tool, for that matter. However, this was realized only lately that it is important to have good content on the website. Earlier, having a website meant designing visually creative pages. Importance of content was always ignored and it was just thought of as placing some text in between various pieces of graphics. However, with the advent of search engines, importance of content gained prominence. The advantages of having good content finally started receiving its long due significance. With the importance of content growing for websites, the need for web site content management systems has also increased.

There are various factors that bring the importance of web site content management under prime consideration.

Putting relevant quality content on the website will clearly define the objective of the website and convey the business/company/product profile. A website with good content will have visitors spending more time on it and returning to the site often. Having properly structured niche content will increase the website’s credibility and may help in converting a visitor into a potential customer. Content with adequate number of keywords will make the website search engine optimized, thus improving its visibility on search engine results. Other websites will want to link to quality content rich website. This will increase the number of referral visitors to the website and also its exposure to search engines thereby increasing the overall popularity of the website. Having understood the importance of content, it is also essential to know the web site content management process. There are various ways of getting good content. You can write the required content yourself and get it tweaked from a professional editor or you can directly hire a professional content writer. However, before doing the above steps of directly writing the content or getting it written, the objectives for having a proper content should be clearly defined. This could include making decisions about:

Target audience with relevant demographics, if applicable. Length of the content and its structure. Specific words that need to be used and number of times they should occur in the entire content. Distribution of the content over the website. Frequency of updating the content. Use of appropriate web site content management system. A website with tidy, crisp, and persuasive content will definitely have lot of visitors hitting the site regularly. No matter how multimedia rich and flashy your website is, rich content is now a mandatory requirement for the survival of your website.
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How can I migrate an existing page into Joomla?

October 17, 2009

Joomla’s built-in article editor wasn’t working quite properly, so I set up a page in HTML/CSS in hopes of just copying in the code. (Nothing too fancy – just some text, a table, and a bulleted list). However, Joomla insisted on making it all “Joomla-fied” and changing any existing text colors/sizes to the default template, which is what I was trying to avoid. Is there a way to make just one article ignore the default template? Thank you!
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For Easy Website Building – Newbies Should Choose WordPress

October 15, 2009

We must keep in mind: WordPress is primarily a blogging software tool. It was created with blogging in mind. It is a Content Management System (CMS). That does not limit us from using it to create websites, because it is an easy website building tool. There are three flavors of WordPress: “mu.”, “.com”, and “. org.”

The first is for hosting several WordPress blogs under one domain. It is for anyone wanting to control and manage several blogs from one host or to control a network of related blogs like a university overseeing a community of teacher’s blogs. The second, “. com”, is the hosted WordPress software. No hosting service is required to run this software. You can install it; pick your blog name; and, start blogging.

The third version, “.org”, requires a hosting service. It is more complicated to install. The “. org” version is better for affiliate marketers because of the complete freedom of content it allows the affiliate marketer. What puts many newbies off from using this software is that it is a little more difficult to install.

I built my first website under the . com umbrella. As an Internet marketer, I quickly learned that the hosted . com version frowned on content that included affiliate links. However, it did allow me to gain some experience and to become familiar with webpage terminology.

The primary reason an affiliate marketer should choose WordPress for his first site is to gain confidence and to be able to hit the road running. Support for WordPress within the WordPress organization and across the global Internet is huge. Visit forums and you will find WordPress the website building tool of choice.

You cannot ignore some limitations. Categories are limited to posts. Static pages all have the same sidebars and pages cannot be easily categorized. Many of the limitations can be overcome with some programming knowledge. However, the pros far outweigh any cons.

There are thousands of themes to choose from. The number of plug-ins grows daily. Plug-ins make the newbie website creator appear to be an expert and give the website professional look. Best of all, it’s FREE!A good program can guide you and teach you not only how to install the software, but also what to do with it once you have it installed. More importantly, it can teach you how to make money with your new site.
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